Moodbook: Who Am I?

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Whenever we are leaving our homes for parties, we are dressing ourselves to the best representation possible. We all want to attract someone by the way we look like. „There is no second chance for a first impression.“ is true – not only when applying for a job. But are we ugly when being dressed comfy and enjoy our hobbies at home? Or is that more realistic version of ourselves the even better one?

I want to photographically explore that with you – if you let me.

The pictures I plan to take at your home should show you following your hobbies at home, no matter if this is reading books, listening to music or watering plants. You should be yourself, whatever that means. After we got that shot, you prepare for your party night out. When you fully dressed and are ready to go, we take a second shot in the same hobby/home scenario. Will you be someone else? More confident? More sexy? Still yourself?

Mood Book

These are Pinterest pictures and just act as an illustration.

Who am I

Education-wise I am an electronics engineer working and living in Berlin, Germany, following a very regular job in the information electronics industry. Photography is a passion for me for over 20 years. After having learnt from professionals and copying some great pictures, I now try to find my own style to tell stories with my pictures, trigger your phantasy and eventually change the way you look at things.

I am German and speak English fluently – that’s it. If you want to contact me, please use one of these languages.

These pictures are taken during a photography journey in October 2017 – only snapshots.

How I photograph

I do have a digital Sony camera with some commonly used lenses. Even I know how to photograph with artificial lights (flashes) and have all the equipment ready, I try to use the natural light from the sun or infrastructure lights as much as possible. I thought about getting a photo studio to take some great shots but figured out, that shooting “on location” is more what I am into. I like the different scenarios and challenges to take amazing pictures.

After a shooting, I’ll supply you with a selection of the pictures I generally like. Some days later I’ll send you some edited pictures. What do I edit? I do not significantly change the person I photograph. I might just retouch some pimples or wrinkles, but still, keep you: yourself. Additionally, I experiment with some colour toning to give the pictures a recognizable unique look.

What I expect from your side

Be open and discuss the things with me. A photo shooting is a challenging undertaking from both sides: the photographer and the model as well. Be there in time, when we meet somewhere. Prepare for the shooting and expect the shooting to take at least 2-4 hours time. Read the concept carefully and decide on your own, if you feel comfortable with it.

These are pictures I made.

Some Conditions

This photo shooting is taking place under the TFP conditions. This essentially means it is a non-paid photo shooting. You can use the pictures to enrich your portfolio, update your social media profiles or gift your partner or family with a unique picture of yourself. You are not allowed to resell the pictures without my written permission. You are not allowed to change the content of the images. There is no need to put my name on or under the images once handed over to you, even if I would be happy if you would do so. In general, both parties (the photographer and the model) can use the pictures non-commercially.

Next Steps

If you are interested in a photo shooting with me, just get in contact with me via that page or some of the social media platforms. I will clarify every open question you might have. After that, I will send you a Doodle link with some dates for a shooting. You simply tick-mark the one you’d prefer. Once we found a date, I will send you the TFP contract (see „Some Conditions” for details). You should bring that contract signed at the beginning of the shooting.